Title – Drawing and Painting Workshop

Date- 16th May 2022

Department- BVA Foundation Department

No. of students participated- 144

No. of faculties involved- 3 (Mr. Dushyanth H P, Mr. Sanjeev Rao Guthi and Mr. Anila Kumar Govindappa)

Description of the workshop – This workshop was conducted by Mr. Ganapathi Hegde, a renowned artist, for the students of the foundation to know the process and different methods of painting & drawing practices. The Artist explained the importance of the different types of mediums, materials and different type of techniques in painting and drawing. In 12 days of the workshop, artist-made students draw and think creatively, after that they did collaborate on work based on creative thinking by assembling 2 elements and coming up with a composition. Students did painting and collages as a practical session and later showcased the works of students and had a talk on each work made by students. The process was so interesting for students to grab new information about painting and drawing. The artist explained every process in detail along with the demo and his work presentation in the seminar hall. Artist also interacted with students during the process which helped the students with the introduction of new mediums and new styles. It’s useful and understanding the global value of painting and drawing and their usefulness in their study curriculum.

Details of the resource person- Mr. Ganapathi Hegde had been passionate about Art and Drawing since his childhood and kept on experimenting a lot. His specialization in drawing, painting and designing products, lead him to do his own exhibitions all over India. He believes his artwork has its own beauty in specific angles for portraying its beauty, and apart from that giving the standardized 360 photos gives a clear picture to compare and visualize. He portrays most paintings related to nature and technology. He came with a specialization in painting and drawing and he also worked as a design lead.