Dr. B. L. Shankar


The CFA-CKP, is one of the renowned institutions in the field of fine arts education in India. It has a consistent history of encouraging the theory, practice and display of visual culture, over last five decades. It is an established cultural landmark and a place for cultural tourism. The CFA is attached to a cluster of thirteen museums, with a content of the folk, tribal, traditional, modern and contemporary art works, that reflect the unique character of our institution. There has been constant flow of talented art tutors, artists, curators, critics and philanthropists to the city from various parts of the world. Most of them specifically visit to interact with our institution, faculty and art students, thereby providing our students with an exposure to different art styles besides a great opportunity to learn from artists from across the world. The Chitra Santhe, our annual art fair provides the students and staff of CFA, as well as artists and connoisseurs from across the country, a unique opportunity to interact with and to benefit from each other. Over time it has become a crucible of art and culture, from where many talented and renowned artists have emerged. They are a testimony to the artistic freedom enjoyed in the classrooms as well as the inspiration provided by the environment around them. The CFA prepares the students to boldly face new challenges and explore opportunities beyond the campus as well. The faculty members bring on board their wide ranging experience and exposure to a wide variety of artistic representation, over the decades. Professional opportunities for art students have been expanding rapidly. Our students have consistently been attracting good offers from some of the top names in the IT sector, for the past half a decade. The CFA is the appropriate place to be in, to pursue visual arts and make a vocation as well as a profession out of it. The personality traits that students develop during their study here, helps them emerge as successful and creative citizens. Our Institution aims at imparting not only the skills for visual art, but also the wisdom and skills for life itself.