Dr. B. L. Shankar


The CFA-CKP, is one of the renowned institutions in the field of fine arts education in India. It has a consistent history of encouraging the theory, practice and display of visual culture, over last five decades. It is an established cultural landmark and a place for cultural tourism. The CFA is attached to a cluster of thirteen museums, with a content of the folk, tribal, traditional, modern and contemporary art works, that reflect the unique character of our institution. There has been constant flow of talented art tutors, artists, curators, critics and philanthropists to the city from various parts of the world. Most of them specifically visit to interact with our institution, faculty and art students, thereby providing our students with an exposure to different art styles besides a great opportunity to learn from artists from across the world. The Chitra Santhe, our annual art fair provides the students and staff of CFA, as well as artists and connoisseurs from across the country, a unique opportunity to interact with and to benefit from each other. Over time it has become a crucible of art and culture, from where many talented and renowned artists have emerged. They are a testimony to the artistic freedom enjoyed in the classrooms as well as the inspiration provided by the environment around them. The CFA prepares the students to boldly face new challenges and explore opportunities beyond the campus as well. The faculty members bring on board their wide ranging experience and exposure to a wide variety of artistic representation, over the decades. Professional opportunities for art students have been expanding rapidly. Our students have consistently been attracting good offers from some of the top names in the IT sector, for the past half a decade. The CFA is the appropriate place to be in, to pursue visual arts and make a vocation as well as a profession out of it. The personality traits that students develop during their study here, helps them emerge as successful and creative citizens. Our Institution aims at imparting not only the skills for visual art, but also the wisdom and skills for life itself.

Prof K.S. Appajaiah

General Secretary

A very warm welcome to our institution, which is a landmark and a benchmark in the field of art education. Throughout our existence for more than half a century, we have continuously strived to excel in creating awareness about visual art. This prospectus, along with our website, will give you a brief account of how we operate as a pioneer institution of visual arts education. At the College of Fine Arts (CFA), art students have rejoiced the idea of learning and becoming artists, inheriting the method of visually representing how to create. The Institution is well-known, both nationally and internationally. The alumni of CFA are placed across all sectors of the society, like art institutions, science, medicine, education, journalism, advertisement, online and social media as well as the corporate sectors. The new campus is equipped with better infrastructure and other modern facilities to spur artistic expression. The CFA is a place wherein the art students, irrespective of their colour, race, nationality and age will find their vocation at will. The efficient faculty will train, guide and consult them throughout within the beautiful ambience of studio practices in all five streams of learning that also facilitates inter-disciplinary learning. The visiting experts of visual arts such as artists, curators, art critics and museologists not only interact and enrich students with their experience and skills, but also involve them in real projects. This is definitely the place to be and I welcome all art enthusiasts and future artists to take the best advantage of it.

Prof. Tejendra Singh Baoni


Welcome to the College of Fine Arts (CFA), Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath Campus.  The CFA is one of the leading fine arts institutes in the country and recognized internationally.  We provide courses for Undergraduate, Post-Graduate, Post-Diploma and PhD research studies in various areas.  The learning experience here nourishes students’ individual creativity, understanding and skills and prepares students for a wide choice of careers.  We, at CFA, believe in imparting knowledge to the students through personal attention, along with providing a lively atmosphere.  Nestled in the new campus on Dr. Vishnuvardhan Road, this vibrant and creative campus has produced many renowned artists, sculptors, designers, art historians, art critics and film makers over decades. The institute provides in-depth instruction in the concept and process involved in the making of visual art. Our aim is to foster an environment in which the spirit and the skill of the creative individual thrive, research and innovation flourish and artistic need for the national and international community is served.  Our strong international links highly benefit the students by providing them with a great platform to enhance their skills.  Participating in national and international exhibitions, workshops and conferences gives them a glimpse into the industry as well as opportunities to network with experts.  We promote inter-disciplinarity in our art practices, and this aids in providing a wider exposure to the visual art scenario.  All courses are taught by faculty who are practicing artists and art historians.  Visiting artists and special educational opportunities enhance the learning environment even more. Blended with full- fledged infrastructure, facilities and friendly ambience we extend a quality teaching- learning process.  The experience at CFA is life- changing, memorable and rewarding.

Dr. Gururaj Karajagi

Chairman, College Sub Committee

My dear young friends,
Welcome to this iconic College of Fine Arts. Now onwards, you and the college are one and what you are, the race shall be. Art history professors may disagree with me on this, but I believe the real value of a great art course is not found in the memorization of artists’ names, artwork titles, dates, and places. Nor is it becoming familiar with artistic movements like Romanticism, Pointillism, or any other ism. Although knowing those things will certainly help you to understand the nuances of art, in the long run, I believe you gain the most from your insights into the human condition and the opportunity to mentally travel through space and time.
Through studying masterpieces created by the world’s most renowned artists throughout history, you have access to perspectives, stories, and inspiration which have helped shape our civilization. After all, what could be better than learning about life, love, spirituality, politics, history, fantasy, and culture than through an artistic expression skilfully executed by a master craftsman?
Art is often said to be an expression of the soul. It is this expression which speaks directly to our desires to understand that which makes us human. Vincent van Gogh said, “I am seeking. I am striving. I am in it with all my heart.” How many people attack their own lives and careers with that same focus and passion?
I personally believe that every student who walks into the portals of this hallowed College of Fine Arts has this passion or would acquire the passion during the period of study here. This is a time in your life that defines success for you. That is entirely in your hands and in your sincere efforts. Make best use of the resources available – extraordinary faculty, infrastructure, exposure and opportunities. This is the beginning of a lovely journey of a keen art seeker to become an outstanding artist.