Graphic Art is to create an image so as to be able to reproduce it making each reproduction an original. It is art in the age of Mechanical and Digital Reproduction. Various formats of graphics include lithography, serigraphy, etchings and photo-transfer, It prepares the students to participate in the social domain with an intense visual and aesthetic experience with technology as its facilitator. This department is equipped with appropriate studio with machines and other devices meant for printmaking. Degrees available in this stream are B.V.A., M.V.A. and P.G. Diploma.

Career Options :

The graphic skills of the students interact with the areas of meaningful visual communication, book illustrations, animations, web designing and other printing techniques, along with making them familiar with the “Age of Mechanical and Digital Reproductivity”.


Dr. A. Sridharmurthy

Dr. A. Sridharmurthy

Professor - Head of the Department

(b.28.10.1965, Karnataka),
MFA (Graphics, M.S.University, Baroda) & BFA (Painting, CFA). He has held a solo show (Chennai) and several other group shows.