The College has pleasure in introducing short term courses for those who have interest in Visual Art, but not had the opportunity to study. The experienced faculty of the institute will be conducting the classes in –Drawing and Painting, Still Life Studies, Clay Modelling. The course in the first six months program aim at catering the fundamental knowledge about the subjects. Each of the subjects has its own scope and specialization. It has special technical and skill orientation as well as creativeness. The student will be able to learn the basics of the subject, and become self-sufficient to handle the subjects on getting regular training.



Fundamental theory of Visual Art, emphasise on basic skills of the drawing and sketching. Its evolvements with deferent forms such as the point, line, tone, texture, shape, form and image. Beside this Colour theory and colour design.Perception of colour, light and pigment theory, colour illusions. Understanding of primary, secondary and complementary colours. The harmonies in different medias like Acrylic, Poster Colour, water, pastel and by applying or covering surface with blocks, patches, strokes, to enable to understand the depth of the subject.


Drawing Study of forms from Nature and its textural qualities in different medias. Student will be able to understand the basic structure of nature, such as plants, stems, trees, any form of the natural objects. The shape, texture, form and tone, colour and image will made understandable. Creative drawing & sketching Anatomy: Retaining visual images, with reference to their inter-related proportions and developing shapes and group association for visual expression (human figure, birds, animals) Media: Pencil, Charcoal, Pen ink, Pastel, etc.,


Man-made object & Perspective: Drawing from man-made objects, study of drapery etc., principles of solid Geometry and parallel perspective. Study of organic and in organic objects like fruits, vegetable, pots, bowls, jars etc. Use of proper light & shade to show the dimension of the object. Head Study: Model academic study with light and shade, study and sketches of human figure and anatomy. Media : Pencil, Charcoal, Pen ink, Pastel, Water colour etc.,


Basic study of printmaking process with emphasis on drawing and composition, study of the textures of various natural and man-made materials from the following process in Black and white and colour. Printmaking introduces the rich tradition of printing as part of visual art. 1. Stencil cut print 2. Mono print 3. Lino cut print (Note: Students will be trained in the Graphic Art studio only)



the sculpture a three dimensional medium, where one can express their imaginations in three dimensional space/round. Sculpture embodies various techniques, which includes clay modelling, handling of other mediums like wire, pop, wood, stone, etc. Clay modelling is the basic medium of learning sculpture making in both relief and three dimensional form.. Study of basic three dimensional forms such as cubes, cones,spheres and cylinders, constructed or modelled in different media like paper, card, soft clay, soap, plaster, wire etc. Positive and negative spaces(mould techniques) in construction of basic shapes in round and relief, blocking out, modelling, chopping, cutting, scratching to create texture and pattern building structure. Sculpture will also introduce how to make figurative and nonfigurative forms.

Regulations/Guidelines Eligibility for Admissions: 10 th or Equivalent.
1. College of Fine Arts is conducting the Short Term Visual Art programme under the Outreach Programme.
2. Course Fess should be paid in one instalment only through DD in favour of College of Fine Arts, Bangalore.
3. The Course Fee is not Refundable/ transferable.
4. Certificate of Completion of the Course will be issued at the end of the course.
5. Certificate will be issued to only those who have more than 75% attendance.
6. There will be an exhibition of the students work at the end of the course.
7. Students should get their art material for the course.
8. Students should abide by the discipline of the college.
9. Any candidate involving in harassments, misbehaviour, or found guilty, in premises of the institution, such students will be terminated from the course. Add on Course: The students who completes the basic course, they can also opt for the Advanced Course for next level learning.

Application for Admission to the short Term certificate program

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