Title – Wildlife Photography Seminar

Date- 18th May 2022

Department- Applied Art Department

No. of students participated- 60

No. of faculties involved- 2 (Mrs Prakruthi. S and Dr G. O. Shivakumar)

Description of the Seminar – This seminar was conducted by Dr Vyankatesh Metan 
membership awardee from National Geographic for BVA students of all departments. The field expert explained the important key point and techniques used while shooting a wildlife photograph. The first hours was about the basic of photography followed by the techniques like
aperture, ISO, shutter speed and types of cameras he has used to capture the photos with example. The expert went on to explain the beauty of landscape photography, how a landscape is into for ground, the middle and background being the sky and the use of a fish eye lens while capturing the landscape.

Details of the resource person- Dr. Vyankatesh Metan is an Orthopaedic Surgeon by profession and working at his own Dr. Metan Hospital, Solapur, Maharashtra State, India. He then converted his passion for photography into a professional occupation and became an Eminent Photographer. He is awarded membership of the National Geographic Society. Being a master in time management and planning and executing events flawlessly, he is a fitness freak and his energy and enthusiasm are seen to be believed. His status and image in society are that people recognise him as an excellent orthopaedic surgeon, an avid Birder, a skilled Photographer, a Tech
friendly person, a true Rotarian, an enthusiastic tennis player, and a dedicated social worker living with the motto- ‘Sow the seeds of love in life.