Campus Life

Here is a few basic pieces of information to jump-start your life in the city.

Life in the Institute:

The college has a rich cultural history and has shaped the art circles in the state. started in the year 1964 has produced many famous International artists.

The atmosphere in the college:

The curriculum is designed to nurture the young artist in you. The first year is designed to introduce you to all verticles and help you select the right specialization. Each class is spread over a week, so to get the right rhythm and time to finish the assignment.


The course is designed keeping in mind the students who are at the elementary level. Towards the end of the first semester, there will be ample exposure to all types, styles, and mediums of artwork. There will be many indoor, outdoor studies, workshops, and many field trips planned to nurture your skills.


The majority and faculty are graduated from the same institute and have rich experience in the field of art. Few of them are prominent artists and are sought after in international circles. They are very understanding and are easily approachable. Feel free to take their guidance whenever necessary.

About the city:

Bengaluru is a Metropolis that is famous for being a truly cosmopolitan city in every sense,
you will find people from all parts of the county and abroad who proudly call it their home. Also called the tech giant of India, you will find many multinational companies established here. A little tip: Show respect to the local culture and language and you will find them carrying you on their shoulder and will treat you like family and if you make an effort to learn a few sentences in the local language(Kannada) you will make many true friends for life.


Graduates from the college are highly sought after by the tech giants, top  AD Agencies, many manufacturing companies, and art communities, Galleries. There are recruitment drives at the end of graduation and most of the students are selected by top companies with high salary packages. You can also pursue becoming a fine artist and create a name for yourself.

You can be assured that the institute will help you pursue your dreams in the true sense and make great memories and friends for life.