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5th semester BVA results
Uploaded on 28-05-2024
3rd semester BVA results
Uploaded on 28-05-2024
Selected list for provisional admission to 1st Year BVA 2024-25
Uploaded on 23-05-2024
Revaluation results May 2024
Uploaded on 14-05-2024
Time table for first semester M.V.A Examination 2024
Uploaded on 07-05-2024
Selected List for provisional admission to 1st Year BVA 2024-25
Uploaded on 07-05-2024
CKP prospectus 2024-25
Uploaded on 03-05-2024
3rd Annual Convocation of Bengaluru City University
Uploaded on 15-04-2024
7th Sem & 2nd sem Exam Results March 2024
Uploaded on 19-03-2024
Avani Exhibition 2024
Uploaded on 17-01-2024
1st semester BVA Examination Fee
Uploaded on 27-12-2023
7th semester Repeater Examination Fee
Uploaded on 21-12-2023
59th Annual Convocation of Bangalore University
Uploaded on 07-12-2023
1st Year MVA selection list
Uploaded on 03-12-2023
short term courses application
Uploaded on 01-12-2023
2nd and 4th semester BVA Examinations timetable
Uploaded on 16-08-2023
58th Mini Convocation Notification
Uploaded on 19-07-2023
B.V.A & M.V.A(Autonomous) Specialization Examination Results
Uploaded on 10-07-2023
Prof. M.S.Nanjunda Rao National Award Ceremony
Uploaded on 04-07-2023
2nd and 4th sem BVA Examination Fees notification
Uploaded on 20-06-2023
MVA 1st Semester Timetable
Uploaded on 26-05-2023
B.V.A / M.V.A Admission Application 2023-24
Uploaded on 18-05-2023
Short Term Courses
Uploaded on 24-01-2023
-: SHORT TERM TENDER NOTIFICATION:- for building Chitra Santhe Website
Uploaded on 05-2-2022