Teachers Exhibition

The role of the teacher is like the ‘proverbial’ ladder, it is used by everyone to climb up in life but the ladder itself stays in its place.” -Abdul Kalam

Teaching of any kind involves information and knowledge in that particular field / subject. Above all it needs the ability to be able to deliver it to the students in right proportions. To be able to reach out and engage the young minds, make clear the tangles of the subject, needs abilities, creative abilities. In the case of an art teacher the content to be delivered is itself Creativity. An art teacher in an art institution needs to deliver the finer nuances of the process which leads to Creativity. Hence it is expected that an art teacher must be a practising artist. A good guide instils the genuinity of creative pursuit in the students. The process is as exciting and challenging as tiring.

Although many great minds have repeatedly asserted that teaching is a noble profession it is accompanied with many pressures too. Apart from keeping up with the updates a teacher needs to make research/studies to be able to reach out and build relationship with students on the whole and in particular too.

Exceptions are in every field. But these are exceptions and not examples. Like, philosophically and ethically speaking teaching art to the young artist /students would enhance the various negotiations one would delve into within their personal practices. This is possible where the situations are conducive. This is a rarity in most art institutions. A teacher here is often bogged down by the sheer strength of students, their demand for individual attention, coupled with peer pressure, and expectations from the employer. In such circumstances a good art teacher needs to make compromises, and choose between the being an artist and being an art teacher. Which one would take priority? Nonetheless there will be compromises on both fronts and a sense of acceptance prevails.

Despite of any situation adverse or propitious, the art faculty practices her/his art for the passion or urge he has for making art. Art market is only an occasional success for them. Time and space are the most difficult. Their works are a quest of some urges from within, some thoughts brewing from the experiences one under goes in the process of teaching. Although Art and its happenings all around is what is on our minds all the time, the ability to immerse into it is different from a full-time artist. The difference is the time constrains, flow of thoughts.

India has plenty of art schools, especially privately run, it produces a huge number of Art graduates every year, only a few survive as artists. In these numerous institutions are innumerous art teachers aspiring to strike a balance between personal, professional and a desire. A desire dreamt as a young art novice at the beginning of their art career.

Adapting to the situations like all others we are also having an online show of our art works. It shows examples of art works done in the time squeezed in between the routine schedules. These are sincere and humble, Varied and individualistic.

Prof. Prathibha T S

Dept. Of Painting; CFA,CKP.


Babu Jattakar

Title: Description

Dr. A Shridharmurthy

Title: The Bell
Medium: Watercolor
Size :16″x12″
Price: 10000/-

Title: The Pillar
Medium: Watercolour
Size : 16″x12″
Price : 10000/-

Dr. GO Shivakumar

Title: Devotion Love

Title: Devine Mother

Dr. Nagappa B Badiger

Title: Akshaya Series -1

Title: Antiques-1

Dr. Ranganath K S

Title: series I Can
Medium: Diptych Archival Print

Title: series I Can
Medium: Triptych Archival Print

Dr. RH Kulkarni



Jagadish K

Krishna Rajendra Kumar


Title: Shree Vykunta narayana
Size: H 36″ x W 30″ inches
Medium: Watercolour antique finishing

Title: Ekantha Rama Ekantha Rama 
Size: H 36″ x W 30″ inches
Medium: Watercolour antique finishing

Nagappa Pradhani

Prof. T.S.Prathibha

Prof. Tejendra Singh Baoni

Title: Thunder and Clouds
Size: 2.5×2.5
Medium: aluminium

Title: Thunder and Clouds
Size: 3×4
Medium: Metal and Iron cast

Raghurama M

Title: Gandhi
Size: 2.5’x3.5′
Medium: Watercolor

Title: My Chair
Size: 1.5’x 2′
Medium: Watercolor

Rajgopal D

SIZE: 20” X 24”
Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Title: “SECURED”
SIZE: 20” X 24”
Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Sudhakar T N

Supreeth Adiga

Title: Ore Nota
Print on Archival paper

Title: Colourful shadows
Print on Archival paper

Dushyanth H P

Title: Gods in chains
Size: 2″x3″
Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Title: Stoppage of Continuity
Size: 1.5″x2.5″

Gopal Kammar


Shanthala S

Saraswathy Bhattathiri

Title: Dream 1
Medium: Mixed media
Size: 16.5” *16.5” inches
Year: 2020

Title: Dream 2
Medium: Mixed media
Size: 16.5” *16.5” inches
Year: 2020

Supriyo Manna

Sharath F K

Ramya E M

Title: Temple
Medium: Ceramic Stoneware
Year: 2020
Title: Temple
Medium: Ceramic Stoneware
Year: 2020

Vishal Kavatekar

Title: Clueless
Medium: Fiberglass
Size : 9″x5″x4″

Title : Ripples
Medium : Twine ropes, Adhesive, Paper
Size : 48″x48″

Sanjeeva Rao